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Real Estate Enhancements

The typical Citrus staged home sells in less than a week!

Real Estate StagingHomeowners
Citrus Interiors helps you get top dollar for the sale of your home by arranging your belongings in a way that is warm and welcoming, but also flexible enough for buyers to imagine themselves in your space.

Citrus Interiors works with you in two stages—in the first, we identify the most immediate to-dos, such as cleaning, repairs and de-cluttering. In the second stage, we perform a one- or two-day makeover, depending on the size of your home, that will highlight your home’s best features. We will also come in for a quick refresher when you have an open house, to ensure that your space sparkles. Click here for more.

Real estate enhancement is critical for realtors who want to quickly turn over their listings. Citrus Interiors will not only stage your property for maximum effect, but will also help the homeowners understand how a temporary adjustment of their lifestyle in their newly enhanced home will bring major financial benefits.

Citrus Interiors’ experience, talent and reasonable rates make us a trusted resource that your team can turn to again and again to make your listed homes look their best—and fetch the highest price. Click here for more.

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