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About Us

Citrus Interiors is dedicated to delighting its clients with fresh room designs that incorporate their existing furniture, artwork and accessories. Whether moving into a new home, selling a house or simply in need of an update, Citrus creates a vibrant new look by bringing in a fresh new perspective.

Citrus Interiors is owned by Pamela Bender, a design specialist with an expert eye for fresh design. Good taste and good design are not restricted to people with big budgets. Citrus Interiors makes clients feel comfortable throughout the design process and be thrilled with the results of their new room.

Pamela Bender
Pamela Bender, IADA, RES
A Citrus Interiors arrangement:

Gives you a warm and welcoming room in one day

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Brings balance and harmony to your living spaces
Surrounds you with the things you love, arranged in a fresh new way
Creates practical storage solutions
Makes your home a true extension of your self
One-Day Interior Makeovers
Real Estate Enhancement
Citrus Interiors
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