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Q. Does it really just take one day for the interior makeover?
A. Yes! It typically takes 6 to 8 hours. This allows time for all of the furnishings to be removed from the room and replaced in a sparkling new arrangement.

Q. Do I need to leave the house while the makeover is in progress?
A. Yes, we need the creative time and space in order to create a wonderful new space!

Q. How do I prepare for a one-day interior makeover?
A. During the preliminary interview we can discuss whether anything is needed. It is usually determined on a per-case basis.

Q. Are you able to do a phone consultation?
A. We are happy to answer a couple of questions regarding specific things, but primarly we must see the area that is to be designed. The best use of a phone consultation is to determine the focus of the project for an upcoming meeting.

Q. Is Citrus available for consultation only?
A. Yes, our minimum for a consultation is 2 hours. During that time we will be happy to advise you on paint, fabrics, lighting, accessories, or whichever area concerns you.

Q. Are you able to assist with paint colors and lighting recommendations?
A. Yes, we can schedule an appointment prior to the makeover.

Q. What are the typical expenses in addition to the makeover?
A. Plants and accessories are billed accordingly.

Q. Does Citrus Interiors also provide interior design services?
A. Yes! We are happy to consult on regular design projects.

Q. Is Citrus Interiors bonded and secure?
A. Yes, Citrus is fully insured.

Q. Do you require a deposit and what forms of payment are accepted?
A. A 50% deposit is due prior to the makeove, upon signing of the contract, with final amount due and payable when as makeover has been completed.
We accept checks, Visa, and American Express

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